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Axial Spondyloarthritis International Federation


What is ASIF?

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ASIF is an international membership organisation representing patient associations around the globe specialising in the support of patients with Axial Spondyloarthritis (axSpA)

ASIF is a Charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales Charity # 1173902

ASIF’s Vision is
A world where everyone affected by axSpA (and related conditions) lives their best life

ASIF’s Mission is
To advocate globally to improve the lives of people affected by axial Spondyloarthritis and related conditions. To grow, strengthen and empower our community, and to raise awareness around the world

Cooperation ÖVMB and ASIF

The ÖVMB has been a member in ASIF since 1989 and is one of 62 patient organisations across the world.
This partnership has been maintained by Ruth Kurz, Burgenland regional office manager, over the last few years. Martina Neubauer, ÖVMB vice president, has recently joined the team.

World AS Day - May 6 2023

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The World AS Day is celebrated across the world on the first Saturday of May - May 6 2023.

Moving for axSpa - is the theme of this year´s World AS Day.

Movement can improve both physical and mental well-being for those living with axSpA. It can help reduce stiffness and pain, improve sleep and increase energy levels. To one´s ability – from gentle stretching to running a marathon – movement can help your axSpA!

What is going on at the World AS Day 2023


As the premier virtual health event for the spondyloarthritis community, the 5th Annual Global Spondyloarthritis Summit features renowned rheumatologists and other health experts who provide the most up-to-date findings and medically reliable and comprehensive information on essential topics that matter to those living with the disease.

Whether you are newly diagnosed or were diagnosed some time ago, the Summit is your opportunity to learn tips and tools for managing your symptoms while also connecting with others.

Under the theme “Moving Together Towards Better Health Outcomes” this year’s program features 12 experts from the international community who will discuss topics such as Flares and Possible Triggers; SpA Research Updates; Sleep Issues; Women & SpA; Diet & Nutrition; Surgery & Joint Replacement Recommendations; Cardiovascular Disease, and more!

Use the links below for your virtual healht event!